Why recognition is the ultimate motivator (and how to use it effectively)?



“Individually, we are drops. Together, we are the ocean!” – While working in an organization, managers use such motivational quotes to motivate team members. It motivates employees or teammates to work more efficiently to achieve the target.

In the same manner, it helps to complete the project on time if teammates work with the same level of productivity. However, a project manager or team leader must motivate the team members in a timely manner. Otherwise, the project activities or an organisational goal will remain incomplete.

So, here’s how to motivate the team members. Let’s go step-by-step and understand the definition first.

What is Motivation?

According to the Management Study Guide, the Motive word gave birth to the Motivation word. It defines people’s ongoing desires and helps them complete various tasks they want to meet.

It is vital to perform a particular task and complete it in the best possible manner. Therefore, motivation can be internal and external.

The external motivation is a desire to have a massive bank balance, expand business activities, or purchase a car. In comparison, internal motivation says making an impact through the work in an organization and more.

Therefore, when you motivate your team members, they work more efficiently to attain an organizational goal or complete the project on time.

Why is Motivation needed for Project Team Members?

An organization needs to complete the project and other responsibilities towards their clients. Besides, every organization has different rules to follow for their routine tasks. But doing all those everyday tasks dulls a person and slows the working process.

Therefore, if they are capable enough, most team leaders, project managers, boss, and seniors keep their juniors motivated by paying bonuses, admiring their work, and involving them in managerial discussions. After doing the same, most junior teammates work more efficiently to fulfill the project requirements.

You may have seen that an organization awards the employee who works with total efficiency to attain the best results with the Best Employee Award. It is also a type of motivation to fulfil the organization’s activities within the stipulated times. So, figure out the other ways of motivating your project members or teammates below.

How to Motivate Project Team Members?

The process of motivating is crucial as it helps achieve an organisation’s goal. However, you need some tips to encourage your team members to work efficiently on the project. So, below are some tips to motivate them in the best possible manner.

Identifying your team members’ abilities streamlines multiple things and helps you with the way of motivating them. You can easily understand the strengths and weaknesses of the person that helps you encourage them.

For example, someone in your team could be excellent at market research. Tell him to carry out market research about the project and appreciate him for his work frequently. It will work as a motivation for him to work more efficiently to get admired by you.

Believe it or not but rewards work like motivation! Give them a treat in a restaurant, on holiday, or free vouchers from the company. Further, you can set some parameters to provide an award or reward to them.

It will help them to work efficiently with a focused mind by considering a perk for their efforts. Once they know how you will reward them, they will perform all activities in the best possible manner.

A fresher in a team needs proper guidance or training to complete the work. Also, you can boost team members’ morale by sharing the seamless working process, techniques and other vital details about the project.

Once you start paying attention to them, supporting them, and investing your time in them, they will share the issues they often face. It helps you solve their problems without much complication.

Having an organization means lots of projects, so dividing them into smaller targets would make it easier to complete those projects. Once you set the target, work hard to achieve it. Once you achieve it, celebrate your victory. In the same way, you can reward an employee for his best performance in carrying out sincere tasks.

You can select any celebrations, like going on lunch, coffee, dinner, a small treat in a club, Etc. Remember that giving them this kind of joy and a friendly atmosphere creates a scope of hard-working spirit, which indirectly helps to accomplish the project.

Even though team members work hard on a particular project, there is a possibility of failure. Just like authorities face issues imposing new strategies in a big organisation. However, failures can’t stop you from attaining success.

Trying a particular thing persistently makes you an expert in it. So, whenever your team members fail, tell them to repeat the tasks. It will give them the freedom to understand what they have done wrong in the previous attempt.

After this, they will automatically find a way to sort the problem and complete the project. In short, give them a chance of blooming if they fail.

If you are experienced in a particular field like project analysing and marketing, give your team suggestions on which they can work. Similarly, whatever work is done by them, review it in a way that you can tell them about the drawbacks and benefits.

After that, tell them to find out the solutions, if needed. This way, you can make your team perfect and help them to grow with your opinions.

You selected a team to achieve a particular target. Therefore, their communication and interaction must be there to deliver the project successfully.

Give them a chance to interact individually or through a group discussion. It will encourage them to discuss their problems. This meaningful communication will build up the relationship between them, and they can easily ask any query related to the project without hesitation.

The entire group discussion or interaction session will help you understand the teammates. Similarly, you will get an idea about what motivates them and what hurdles they face. In the end, you can solve their issues by giving them suggestions or solutions according to their problems.

Last but not least! A positive mind diverts everything towards the right direction. Therefore, having contagious positivity like a smile, confidence, willingness to achieve, helping nature, Etc., is always a good step you can consider.

At the same time, your team needs motivation at every working stage. Therefore, having self-motivation is equally vital. You can only motivate your team members when you feel motivated.

Show excitement, enthusiasm and confidence to pass similar vibes to your team members. Due to this, your team members can quickly feel motivated. However, if anyone doesn’t feel the same, you must motivate them by involving them in a discussion, team meetings and other activities.


A project can only be completed with proper communication, dedication and, of course, motivation. However, maintaining motivation in your team members to accomplish the project is quite challenging.

Therefore, we have a few exciting techniques to motivate your project team members. These are all practical, reliable and helpful to apply in an organization to fulfill the project requirements.

However, everything depends on you. If you, as a project manager or project leader, show enthusiasm to complete the project, your team members will show the same and stay focused. In addition, you can easily motivate them by encouraging them to perform well, giving them a treat, or more.

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