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In this digital era, most organisations have become digitalised and perform their daily tasks digitally. However, an organisation need a digital manager who manages and accomplishes projects within the given period.

Similarly, an organisation needs a project manager who works digitally and efficiently to manage every project-related tasks. Plus, he ensures all activities run smoothly in an organisation. Still, most of us are unaware of the digital project manager. Hence we have curated this blog with all the essential details you should know about the digital project manager.

What Is A Digital Project Manager?

First, we need to understand digital management. It is, of course, an online process of managing multiple managerial tasks online or in virtual form. It includes project management from the beginning to delivery under the project budget and available resources.

Further, it mainly includes planning, directing, reporting, training, reviewing and other managerial processes. However, to manage all such things, most organisations usually go with project management software or tools that streamline organisational activities. Every project possesses a different objective that the organisation should fulfil.

But, the main objective is to earn profit and expand the activities of the business. The project types can start from events to digital content projects. Some examples of digital projects are stated below, which come in all shapes and sizes.

In short, a digital manager will work according to the project requirements, gather all resources, organise a team, control the activities, complete the projects and deliver them to the right person. In this process, profit and expansion of the business are also considered.

Roles & Responsibilities Of A Digital Project Manager

A digital project manager handles an organisation’s multiple responsibilities and plays a vital role. These roles and responsibilities can differ depending on the size and the type of business the organisation is into, like manufacturing, producing, construction, Etc.

Usually, a digital project manager possesses a leadership quality that helps to manage off-site projects in the best possible manner. He communicates, delivers and guides everyone, from middle-level to lower-level management and accomplishes the project within a stipulated duration. Similarly, he ensures all procedures run smoothly to minimise the project cost by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

These are the most common roles and responsibilities of a digital project manager.

Despite that, a digital manager carries out all tasks, from assigning, directing and evaluating to more promising project deliveries.

Skills A Digital Project Manager Should Possess

When it comes to a digital project manager, he must be perfect with timing, analysing, communicating and more. In an organisation, a digital project manager is of immense value as he manages all the tasks, project deliveries and other routine works. Therefore, he must fulfil all the requirements of managerial skills. So, the ordinary skills of a project manager may include marketing designing, developing, digital content background, Etc. However, they should have the following skills to manage the organisational projects in the best possible manner.

Should/Should have/be;

Along with that, he must possess an ability to understand project management methodologies. He should be goal-oriented, collaborative and tech-savvy. With these kinds of skills and knowledge, a digital project manager can prove as an excellent asset for any organisation.

How Much A Digital Project Manager Can Earn?

In an organisation, most digital project managers mainly work to accomplish various projects on time. As a result, they can manage all the conditions, decision making and project handling tasks. Due to all these abilities and managerial skills, the chances of getting higher salaries as a digital project manager increase.

A recent survey of Digital Project Manager’s Salaries in 2018 shows the average salary they earn in the US was $82,000. Similarly, Wrike says the wage can roam between $59,000 and $134,000 annually. However, average salaries can differ according to the roles given below.

It is a huge perk a digital project manager can enjoy in any organisation. However, flexibility, time management and quick decision-making are crucial for this role.


When an organisation acquire projects from its superiors, it works to complete the project with all possible requirements. It includes the entire process, from planning to project delivery, with two main objectives. The project must be according to the requirements and be profit-oriented.

As a result, most organisations hire project managers to control the project activities. Nowadays, multiple digital project managers are available to carry out such activities virtually with no physical presence in the premises.

So, while taking the project and working on its requirements, ensure hiring a digital project manager who smoothly manages all tasks. In this blog, we have mentioned essential information regarding the project manager with their responsibilities and remunerations. Read them and hire a better project manager for your organisational tasks.

Let me correct this – A Digital Project Manager.


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