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Scrum is one of the best project development approaches that work differently from Agile. It is misleading that the Agile project management framework is similar to Scrum. But the reality is different from this misconception. You can find a big difference between them.

Scrum helps to control the demands of the consumers with the help of time and costs. Agile, in contrast, monitors time and money with the help of various requirements.

Further, the Scrum process requires ceremonies, backlogs, feedback, and other time boxes to complete it. However, the project needs business involvement critically because Scrum bridges the customer and development team for product creation. To deeply understand Scrum, take a look below.

What Is Scrum/Agile Project Management?

As we have said, Agile differs from Scrum, whereas Scrum is counted as Agile due to the involvement of a few principles. Agile project management involves a tedious approach to performing any software development project. On the other side, Scrum helps to learn multiple skills while working on organizational projects. You will collect experiences and self-organization and work to improve more.

Usually, the software development teams use Scrums for their tasks. It is because multiple teams work together to achieve a particular goal. It refers to a set where an organizational tangible and intangible asset works together to manage projects and team structures.

In short, Scrum combines all the efforts to carry out various projects or product delivery activities.

History Of The Scrum

The origin of the Scrum can be seen in the 1986’s paper called “The New New Product Development Game.” Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka were the light behind this darkness. They wrote this paper for the Harvard Business Review. Here, they have described Scrum as an example of a rugby sport where team members work together to achieve a single goal.

Later, the paper became helpful to three efficient people: Ken Schwaber, Mike Beedle, and Jeff Sutherland. They grabbed an idea with the example and imposed it on the software development process. After achieving success in their process in the Easel Corporation in 1993, they named this process Scrum.

You can read their experiences of Schwaber and Beedle in Agile Software Development with Scrum, published in 2002. Further, you can also consider Agile Project Management with Scrum in 2004, including how they used Primavera in their processes.

What Is The Scrum Framework?

We have cleared that Scrum and Agile are different. However, the fact remains the same – Scrum plays a vital role in project management, which comes under Agile principles. Scrum helps to complete the working process, whereas Agile is a mind frame.

Therefore, choosing Agile becomes difficult. In this process, organizations have to work a lot to change the thinking process of their teammates to provide value to their clients. Regardless, they can go with a Scrum to complete various tasks using proper communication and the principles of Agile.

Further, it becomes a probing task because it involves learning methods, factors, and adjustments while working. That means the project team doesn’t have an idea at the commencing stage, and they learn everything when the process moves forward.

Therefore, Scrum is developed in such a way that it helps product management to understand the fluctuating situations and demands of the users. In the same way, it involves process reorganization and petite release cycles to help your teammates in learning.

An organization can apply it according to its requirements. At the same time, they can determine the way of execution to meet with success. This way, most team members can learn about maintaining transparency, communication, and working dedication.

What Are The Roles & Responsibilities Of Scrum?

Scrum is often preferred for three major responsibilities of the organization: Scrum for Product Owner, Master, & Team Development.

Benefits Of Choosing Scrum

While gathering all the information about Scrum, knowing why you should choose this is also important. Here are a few reasons to determine this.


Scrum is one of the most popular project development frameworks that work with Agile and deliver products on time. However, most people understand that Agile and Scrum are the same, which is not true.

Therefore, in this blog, we have defined Scrum’s origin, roles, and responsibilities. In the same way, you will find out how Scrum is different from Agile and why you should choose it for your project development.

So, while developing products or projects for your organization, check the Scrum project management and complete your projects.

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